Aromatherapy Course (Free when you purchase our oil kit).

Level One – M J Fontaine Training Certificate of Achievement*

The course will have a variety of teaching methods Pdf’s,  pre-recorded videos, and a private webpage.

You will have online Tutorial support via email/ skype / google hangout depending on your time zone every two weeks.

What you will learn:

  • History of aromatherapy oils and their uses
  • The benefits of aromatherapy oils and their uses
  • Health and Safety when using essential oils (such as contra- indications)
  • Methods of application ie bath, oil burner, massage
  • How to create a blends for yourself and family and treat minor ailments such as stress, insomnia, skin problems, Hair growth and cold
  • How to carry out a Back Neck and shoulder massage
  • An introduction to the chakras an overview.

This is a six week course.

Each week you will study one essential oil and work with its effects via massage, oil burner, in skincare or in the bath.

The course is worth£39.99 . buy course here as a bundle.


Purchase your essential oil kit to obtain your course Free!


"Marilyn taught me Aromatherapy at a taster class that she ran for a few weeks only, but we enjoyed her so much we stayed for a year."
- S Jones

“Marilyn inspired us to want to carry on in the profession and a few of us went on to study at college to become qualified Aroma therapists”
- J Yules.