Self Care Bundle ( Saver)

Self Care Bundle ( Saver)

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What I have for you.

Now I am not going to bore you with sales talk so this is what we have to help you connect with your own muse.  We have three bundles on offer.

Bundle option 1 ( Worth £95) will give you a good foundation of re-connection to the parts you think are missing.  You will also be able to tap into your creativity.

This bundle consists of a free Heart meditation download for relaxation. 

The Creative Healing workbook:  to help you set goals and plan your life.

The Creative Healing life-coaching course that will help you look at your goals, home life, sacred time.

Access to our Balancing chakras course using Art and Aromatherapy An 8 week course that connects you to a chakra each week and uses the medium of art and meditation.  This course isself paced in our private online portal.

Bundle option 2 (worth £120) will give you an extra bonus of learning about the body and mind and how we can use herbs, plants and oils to connect us.  You will be able to use the oils to help you and your family with sleep, relaxation, stress relief , hormonal and menopausal symptoms.

This bundle consists of Bundle option 1  plus an extra course in Aromatherapy.  The Aromatherapy will inform you about the body, mind and soul connections. The course ran two years ago at a cost of £100 and the information is still relevant today.

Bundle option 3 - The Ultimate will give you a new awareness of who you are and a more positive relationship with your body (as long as you do the work).  This package consists of Bundles 1 and 2 plus the added bonus of 90 access to our 30/30 wellness programme (worth £90).  This is the best option if you want to travel from Burnout to Eartha ... it will be that good! You will learn to work with and listen to your body, to exercise and to eat right.  

Please note my clients and members often work with me over the course of 1-7 years tapping in and out these programme foster communities and also work for those who do not like crowds.

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