Monthly women's circle.
Apr 11

Monthly women's circle.

"Free expression is an open portal to know thyself. With colour and breath, Art is formed and then reformed in Poetry"

Kylie M James

Illuminate workshop participant

It is finally here! my Coach, my VA, my friends have been suggesting this for ages so I have decided to run the monthly women's gathering.

Each Month we will have a different theme for our monthly women's circle

This circle will meet once a month at 6.30 - 9 pm on the first Wednesday of the month.

The cost of each circle per month is £20 and includes all materials unless otherwise stated.

You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually (please note there will be a break in circle in July and October. or the circle will be led by an assistant or guest moderator). 

Topics to include

Meditation and Art healing, crafts and debating, Introduction to self-care massage, Introduction to Sacred sexuality, Goal setting, womb care, Hormones and chakras, interpersonal skills, NLP, magical herbs, working with cycles of the moon. aromatherapy introduction, how to create your own skincare, how to care for your womb, poetry .  introduction to Jung and dream analysis and many more.

Price: (All workshops need to be booked a week before the workshop.

MONTHLY Workshop £25

QUARTERLY Workshop £60 save £15 bonus gift A4 print.

YEARLY Workshop £240 (save) £60 plus two free online courses.

All circle sales are final. 

Monthly creative women's circle
from 25.00
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Womb Wisdom Womb Healing
1:00 pm13:00

Womb Wisdom Womb Healing

  • Thames side studios

A Women's Circle - A next Level workshop.

This workshop is for women who had have some experience with the Jade or Yoni egg but it is not a Jade or Yoni egg workshop.

In this workshop you will learn;

The role of the Womb and how we manesfest from it.
How sexuality is connected to abundance and manesfesting.
How to heal trauma from the womb.
Healing techniques for physical conditions such as Fibroids, and heavy menstruation, and cysts.
Sexual archetypes both Male and Female.
How I healed my FIBROID AND CYST. the practices that I used.
Why we need creativity to heal.

Next level exercises for healing and health of the whole body, mind and spirit.

"The last workshop was awesome "
"I feel like my self again, I am on it"
"This was just what I needed"

Please do not take my word for it try it.

To learn more please contact, book here or call 07561540005.

How to live through your own personal power.

We will also talk about the Yoni/Jade egg and how this can help with your healing.


Women's workshop
from 20.00
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Shoe covering workshop
12:00 pm12:00

Shoe covering workshop

Join Marilyn for a shoe and bag
customizing workshop.
Bring your favorite bag or shoes to be customized
We will be using African prints, Fabric or Leather.
Marilyn will also show you have to create additional patterns or graffiti type art work on your fabric and how to cover a belt.

Teas, cakes or biscuits will be served.

Women's workshop
from 20.00
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2:00 pm14:00

Headdress Creative art Workshop

A weekend experience of creating your own headdress - this workshop includes a meditation, guided visualisation, readings, scent and the creation of your own headdress.

 This weekend is limited to 5 participants only.

This is a full day workshop so please select FULL DAY.

Creating Sacred Objects Workshop TM
12:00 pm12:00

Creating Sacred Objects Workshop TM

  • Coffee7

Learn how to create objects, talismans, dreamcatchers, and affirmation cardsin this fun workshop

We will be creating either; A Hand of Fatima painting, A creative Mandala, an Ojo de dios hanging objects, dream catchers, talismans, and affirmation.



Indigenous cultures often made objects for protection or blessings.  In this workshop we are drawing on objects from Mexico, South America and Africa.  Participants will create an item that will be used for protection or blessing .   We will be creating our objects using a mindful practice.  We will also consecrate and bless our sacred object or painting.

All materials and light refreshments will be provided.  (Tea and Cake).


Create Your Own Affirmation Cards / Peace Cards
12:00 pm12:00

Create Your Own Affirmation Cards / Peace Cards

In this workshop you will create your own personal affirmation or peace cards using either collage, painting or words.  

Each of you will leave the workshop with a mini deck ofAffirmation cards so that you can use to tap into your own inner guide. These cards represent the new story you are creating for your life.  We will be using sacred words and inspirational quotes to add to this process.

All art materials and refreshments will be provided. 




Open Studios
Jun 5

Open Studios

You are invited to visit our annual open studios at London’s largest single site affordable studio space project - a community of over 450 artists, printmakers, craft makers and designers invite you into their studios and creative workspaces.  Second floor Studios and Arts.

I will be part of the open studios at our new 'home' at Second Floor studios so please come and see me to purchase artwork and unique gifts.

'Our annual Open Studios event are an integral part of our yearly programming and commitments to community engagement.'

Next Open Studios - June 2016

02/06/16 - 05/06/16
Preview Thursday evening 18:00 - 21:00
Friday to Sunday 13:00 - 19:00

- See more at:

Illuminate - An Introductory Intuitive Painting workshop for Women
6:00 pm18:00

Illuminate - An Introductory Intuitive Painting workshop for Women

  • Nooks Gallery

Join Marilyn in this expressive Arts taster workshop.  

Participants will create a piece of artwork using Art and Meditation techniques to navigate between the Mind and Spirit. This workshop is open to complete beginners.

Time: 6 - 9 pm   Duration:  3 hours  

Nooks Gallery - 55 Leytonstone High Road, London E15

Price £35 all materials private 8-10 participants.

We will use a guided meditation to begin the Painting process.  Participants will experience creating a finished piece of artwork through the Intuitive painting process.   Intuitive painting has no rules the you will able to create with a sense of freedom and allow all your imagination to be free as you express yourself during the painting session.

By the end of the session participants would have experience the creation of an intuitive inspired painting.

Materials and Light refreshments provided, please wear/bring clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on.


    MJ Fontaine -  Legacy - Solo Show
    6:00 pm18:00

    MJ Fontaine - Legacy - Solo Show


    The first solo art exhibition by Marilyn J Fontaine.

    17 March 2016 - 6pm - 9pm

    Nooks Gallery, 55 Leytonstone High Street, London, E15

    T: 079 8344 2876 / 077 0132 6870