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  •  Instructional videos or podcasts on health and fitness, supplement advice, products,  stress busting exercises, a relaxation meditation and diet information.
  • Food Lists for the current season that will assist in burning calories and cleansing the body.
  • Access to a private FACEBOOK GROUP to share ideas and give support.
  • A meet and great session where we will share fitness tips, look at your progress and network together (goodie bags will be given out).       






"I am grateful for the amazing women in this group, Marilyn Fontaine I am grateful that you stepped into your magic without you we won’t be doing this…… I am grateful for the magic unfolding in my life I have amazing people joining my book project"

– Lillian Ogbogoh
Author/ Sensual Discovery Specialist

Michelle Pollard Holistic Beauty Therapist




I am grateful for this group and all of the ladies, who have inspired me to keep going.

- Michelle Pollard
Holistic Beauty Therapist


              Anita Aku

"So, at the beginning of September I started a wellness programme created by Marilyn Fontaine. This was holistic lifestyle and Heath programme and glad I made the decision to participate. I’m sharing my feedback because it’s good to appreciate positive things. The 30/30 wellness programme is and has been a positive experience for me. It’s not about a diet and losing weight quickly, it’s about an all round approach to a healthy lifestyle. I learned about the dynamic between how i feel emotionally and it’s effect on desired results. Marilyn is very professional yet approachable and knowledgable on nutrition and detox. Marilyn has created a sense of community in the group. She motivates and communicates extensively, The food ideas, recipes and smoothies are just wow! All participants are welcoming, understanding and non judgemental. My posture has improved considerably. My skin has also improved. For the first time in my life I actually think thoroughly about what I consume both food wise and socially. I used to consistently post world news stories on my wall. Marilyn asked me to go on a news fast for a week and I did it. It felt like my mind was being cleansed from negativity. I haven’t posted anything related to world news ever since. I’m aware of what is happening in our world but choose not to let it consume me anymore.    This is life changing stuff and I will continue. Marilyn I can’t thank you enough, you are a true master of your field. I aim to have a stomach like yours soon . My advice, 30/30 wellness don’t think about it just join. Invest in yourself."

- Anita Aku

Marie Morgan Henfrey (Entrepreneur and Practice Improvement Manager)   Marie Morgan Henfrey (Entrepreneur and Practice Improvement Manager)


"The 30/30 Wellness Challenge works for me because it is a programme which does not judge or make you feel guilty.  You do what you can at a time that suites you. The information is easily accessible & the encouragement you get from other members is invaluable. This has become more than a programme to me it is now part of my day to day life. From the information sent by Marilyn, Jacqueline’s workouts to the update posts by other members there is something for everyone. I am now in my sixth consecutive month & cannot see myself ever stopping. Thanks Marilyn & the rest of the 30/30 Community."

- Marie Morgan Henfrey
Entrepreneur and Practice Improvement Manager


Your Host:

I am a Lifestyle coach, and Director of M J Fontaine, I help people find their inner power, creativity or joy.  Using a combination of Holistic Therapy,  Coaching, movement and relaxation I am able to guide my clients through any challenges or blocks that may prevent them from living a fully conscious and creative life.  I have always been a Yoga lover and lover of dance, and roller skating.  After years of Gluten intolerance and general digestive problems had left my stomach bloated this was always the part of my body that I liked the least.  So changing how I ate without dieting but introducing core exercises into my own Fitness regime gave me the abs I had back in my twenties. I love this programme because you get to feel better in your mind, spirit and body.

- Marilyn Fontaine
Creator of M J Fontaine


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