This is a self paced course - you will receive an email for 30 days with various Exercises and information on food.

We will provide several simple exercises that will take no longer than 30 minutes per day with the minimum of fuss * for you to have that flatter abs, trimmed thighs and toned arms.

The Detox programme –  is designed to help you cleanse your body and change your eating habits.  How can this be achieved ?  we will be able to help you identify foods that may cause you to gain weight and feel sluggish.

Each day you will receive:

  • An email each day to ensure that you are constantly motivated.

  • Access to your 30 minutes exercise plan to tone, reduce and firm up the key areas abs, arms, buttock and thighs.

  • An instructional video or podcast on health and fitness supplement advice, products, stress busting exercises, a relaxation meditation and diet information.

  • Food Lists on foods that will assist in burning calories and cleansing the body for the specific season.

  • Access to a private FACEBOOK GROUP , Access to videos,

  • Access to an online Yoni egg session to help you cleanse your internal organs.

We will work with specific foods relating to each season we are working with for example : Spring foods, Summer foods, Autumn foods. and Winter foods. 



One Season Wellness Package £19.99

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