"Just wanted to take a moment, out of this busy life to smile and say thank you Marilyn.  The Balancing the Chakras using Aromatherapy & Art has truly been a gem in my life.  With the busy schedules we all have, continuously trying to maintain a balance in our lives, can sometimes be a challenge.  With your course, I was given some special tools, which have strengthened me in my meditation. It’s helped me in reaching higher levels of peace & calm.  Learning about the different properties of the essential oils, how they work, & how/when to apply them, as well as a better understanding of the chakra energies, has truly assisted me in taking moments to stop & breathe to achieve a better & well needed balance.  I thank you & to let you to know that your gift, your work is one that is truly imperative to obtaining control, balance & peace with Self & life.

Much Love,
Urth Eagle Tisha"

- Tish



 “Loving this course, helping get back into art.”

- Marguerite Wright