The Parable of the creative


The parable of the creative

He created an amazing piece of art a new concept something the eye could not.comprehend but it stayed on his website....
Because his art was valuable ...and had to go to the highest bidder

It stayed buried

He stayed broke  spritually and financially
The product turned up in a leading singer's video

The question to we sell.out or do we just put it out.
..what is our value?

My take on this ...if it is new and different check in with your inner guidance ...if get the urge to put it out then do it .. die empty .....

Interlectual rights, value?

The currency deception prevents us from getting our product out . Prince only maintained control of his product after he was financially able so.

Can you imagine Mr Rogers Nelson at home with a back catalogue of music sitting around no so it is time to go out and do your work.

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I was reading an old blog post on save been doing the Seven Keys to an Artful Life e-course with Bronwyn at the Artful life blog, along side my own 40 days of gratitude (since January 2011 where i write my gratitude list everyday more info to come).

Anyway Bronwyn asks us to explore our own experiences with Spirituality good or challenging.

also how we connect to the sacred and certain aspects all traditions share, such as pilgrimage…she gave us a list to ponder on or write about such as:

  • prayer
  • retreat
  • pilgrimage
  • celebration
  • ritual
  • community
  • sacrament

Creating my own prayer is important because growing up as a catholic we had to recite prayers that was full of guilt and condemnation. So I decided to create a chapter in my book on creating your own prayers.

Retreat for me retreat is creating a space in your home that you can access daily, or a place in nature.

Pilgrimage is interesting because I haven’t been on any pilgrimage again influenced by my mothers constant pilgrimage to Loudes, italy, I suppose i was kind of rebelling against religion.

But pilgrimage is any sacred place, I remember going to Stone Henge, Chalice well in Glastonbury and feeling the change in the space. I would also like to go to Egypt (Kemet) one day.

Another key word was sacrament and again I took my holy communion and confirmation and loved it .. but never married (yet ) to know about marriage vows.  I suppose my sacrament is my pledge to bring creativity and sacred goddess practice to my work … that really made me think about sacrament.

Community is also a big one for me as again so again my work is bringing people together.  I also am now falling in love with my living environment which feels like I have come back home.

I sit in gratitude…


Altars (Repost)

I never travel anywhere without bringing my mobile altar.
My travel altar consists of a medal from Lourdes my mother gave me, my
crystals ; Rose Quartz crystal, Black Tourmaline, Turquoise and whatever I pick
up on the way out . I also have a small medicine bag full of special objects.
I always have to bring Nag Champa, my friends and family have became
devotees of this sexy incense, and now ask if I am bringing this. Altars always
sets the scene in any cold hotel room, I even prefer to unpack my objects rather
than my clothes. I also bring a journal or a small note book, when I feel the need
to vent my spleen or write deep and meaningful insights. I also seem to have an
epiphany when I am away, which is quickly lost during a hard nights raving.
Anyway smug unspiritual /ironic friend asks me tartly 'it is a bit much to
carry all this stuff with you all the time, what if you lose all that stuff? Well... my
answer is that Altars are a representation of the creator, the universe and my
dame fine self LOL. (This was lost on her even the last bit!).
As long as I have access to objects which represent either the elements such
as a stone, shell, feather water element etc (the list is endless) or objects which I
just like to look at,... I am able to create an altar...and feel at home from my own
In the past I have recommended that clients create altars which represent
them, rather than how the altar should look like; for example my friend has small
objects by the kitchen sink, this is an altar representing her fun /inner child side
and the only time she has to come to this place, and feel good during the
washing up (unfortunately) but this times till makes her feel very calm being
among her small objects.
I suppose my love of altars date back to Madame Pompadour (Ma) she always
had an alter of saints within the home, (funny not one of them resembled us).
Anyway Ma still kneels down to pray to these saints on her altar, at the
beginning and the end of the day, heaven help us if we disturbed her during her
prayer time! (talk about good boundaries and fear).
My mother is not alone though, after reading the book Beautiful Necessity
the art and meaning of women's alters - by Kay Turner I saw so many versions
of my mothers altar from South American to Senegal. So I suppose I am
carrying on my with my mothers tradition.
The only difference is that my altar has images of people that look like and
represent me *smiles*
p.s Some altar sites...


What does Creativity mean to you (Repost from 2001


I was thinking about this when I came across a sister's blog (great minds think
alike artist4eva). So many people try to define an artist, creativity, art forms etc,
by placing rules and assumptions about the artist/artform/medium/project/ideas.
Is this societys way of keep us boxed in the land of category and rules
according to their values?
I hate the word 'should' (unless youre taking about a nice pair of shoes,
chocolate and food).
I also feel uncomfortable with specific individuals and organizations that
dismiss creative work if it doesn't fit into the; Hoxton, Greenwich, Edgy, Urban,
Eclectic and Cutting Edge style categories. Don't get me wrong I love new
interesting concepts, and ideas, but I feel that too much emphasis on the defining
creativity keeps many more potential 'creatives' away from practising any art
form, or taking their natural talents further, very sad.
Many moons ago when I was studying Art and Design, my ageing balding
tutor (who was also an ageing balding frustrated fine artist) absolutely tore us to
pieces during critics (maybe we were that bad). Anyway Baldy had peeps
running for the hills never to be seen again, due to the barrage of abuse he gave
us at the end of each lesson, disguised at Constructive Criticism.
The hill runners may never have been great artists, but they could have used
their creativity in some other way to manage the stressed/out tired/ bored/
Reality Overdose existence we call life.
ps. I found this from via and I think this is
quite interesting. Please let me know what you think. ..
Rant over now where is that chocolate..........
Creativity questionnaire
Creativity isn't reserved for artists and inventors -- it's a capacity we all share.
For some, it's a desire for self-expression; for others, a drive to explore
Genius isn't essential, just curiosity and an open mind. The fruit of creativity
self-discovery. Find a quiet spot and consider these questions:
1 There are many kinds of artists. Are you an artist of life -- an inspired cook,
a master of diplomacy, a stylish dresser? Write down all the ways you bring
beauty,harmony, or flair to your surroundings.
2 What art form would you try if you didn't care about results or your
Think back to childhood: Did you enjoy ballet class or banging on a drum?
How could you reconnect with that sense of fun?
3 Creative people are problem solvers. If you could clear up any issue in the
world --
or your world -- what would it be? What would be your first step?
4 Is your talent appreciating the creative efforts of others? What do you most
looking at or listening to? Would you enjoy it even more if you tried to
the artistic process firsthand?
5 Envy is a message from your creative core. Whose talent would you like to
How could you develop your own ability in that area?

<< from O, The Oprah Magazine, November, 2001

Grief Notes 2

I remember when I lost my friend in 2012 and a client did not want to see me because I was grieving. At the time I resigned myself to the fact that maybe I needed to heal myself and be right. But no my work and sessions do not function like that because I am not a Counsellor but since my father transitioned my work is more powerful, transforming and sometimes raw. I feel is the high level of transparency that allows me to just open and oh so present. That is what grief does it makes one so present that miracles can happen.






Grief notes

For the back story please see my last post.

Note 1

I realise I am still very much in shock and in grief, today I felt it. I don't really like to share how I feel on Social media  (well not facebook ) because it is personal or maybe it is because I can pretend it is not real.  I know well-wishers and empathic people will post because they care and are empathic but this will only make me cry more but the real truth is If I post about the grief then it becomes real that my Dad has left Earth, so I stay in limbo until I can breathe some more because every time I open up to the reality I feel my heart breaking. The pain of grief is unbearable, but this is normal this is grief and there is nothing I can do about it because in a moment I will be back to normal the door closed and the faucet closed again.



That is grief.

Happy New Year - 2018


Dear 2017 I cannot state those words "Good riddance 2017 hello 2018" because in 2016 you took a lot of our great pioneers, musicians, sportspersons and an Influential president. The biggest loss was my brother in law Pat.
2017 took away
my father.
an ex
Devastated Dominica.
Am I glad to see the back of 2017? I cannot be so naive.
I let go and during the last few months I understand the challenges of the past 30 years of my work..

I have also learned that personally I have an amazing circle of friends
x Thank you for your support.

My observations

Regarding business relationships keep that 'ish' separate and be mindful of the premise that anybody that is around you has good intentions for you and your brand, the word 'friend' can be a loose term.
Seek out those business peers who get results, have their heads down and are building as much as they are hashtagging, those are the people you can learn from and also teach. "IRON SHARPENS IRON"
Choose your vocation from your heart not from looking at an Instagram feed.
Always follow your intuition and heart...

Marilyn x



1) Book a cost-effective SPA BREAK
check out SPA LONDON

2) Try a new Juice/Smoothie regimen -This is much lighter than a diet so check out our 30/30wellness programme only £19.99 for 30 days.  Let that Turkey do the walk.

3) BRING SOME CULTURE TO YOUR MID WEEK Check out the Basquiat exhibition

This will keep you going for at least a couple of weeks.

5) Treat your self to a good Vitamin D supplement make
use of the deals at Holland and Barratt.

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Summer Solstice

Solstice~.My personal experience
since working with the Winter and SummerSolstice 'energy' from 2007 (* see resource for podcast). I have seen a dynamic force within my own Goal setting process.
The Solstice period is from the 21st to the 23rd (this is a three-day portal) so during this time the use oftapping into your creativityto plan and find out what is really needed right now and what needs to be done to bring harmony into yourlife.
Pay attention to your dreams, and keep your body free from foods that are going to shut down your Intuition.  Use the energy of the number 3 to bring yourself into alignment with Spirit, and the energy of the number to build and give structure which is needed at this time.

Solstice exercises
Meditation solo or
Group Meditation ( if you are an empath or sensitive please ensure that you are fully groundedand protected during a group meditation,  empaths/or sensitive can pick up the intentions and wishes of others )* Goal setting/Planning



I drew a Tarot card for the Solstice Energy - The Fool which I see has a double meaning.

I interpreted this card to mean that 0is the symbol of ‘nothingness’ and denotes freedom from limitations in this material world. The 0 also represents Oneness the God head, the Supreme creator and the beginning and completion of a spiritual journey.
The fool is powerful and even though he is light he knows what time it is..or does he? This can also represent our world and local community's refusal to accept the deception and lies our governments are giving us.  We are coming together more and aligning with our spirit.
What will you be doing for the next three days?
Full post with references on my blog. Link in bio 🌞☉👆🕵#summersolstic.



Please note this blog post was written days before the London incident on 3rd June 2017 and I believe these activities are needed more than ever.

London, I still love you

As I navigate my diary this month (in between my various business ventures, planning a vacation and just trying to refurbish my kitchen on a budget), I have decided to list the five things that are going to ignite my spirit and self- nourish my soul. Most of these activities are on London so if you are visiting London pay close attention because you can find some very cost effective activities that you can undertake here.

Mental healthdates.

The best way to build self -worth is to take yourself on a mental health or self-care date.  You don't have to fly solo on all of these activities but just once try attending an event on your own.  This will encourage your confidence and enable you to discover some new concepts and hobbies you may not have thought of before.

A woman with an interior life is much more magnetic and interesting because she is able to draw on support from within and requires less external interaction.  So I have curated 5 activities that may give you a sense of spirit. M x

1.  FILM Unbound Vision of the Black Feminine. - BFI SOUTHBANK

Following on from the BFI’s landmark BLACK STAR season last year, UNBOUND: VISIONS OF THE BLACK FEMININE, is a Sight & Sound Deep Focus season, showcasing films created by, and about, black women. This season will include the BFI re-release of Julie Dash’s seminal Daughters of the Dust (1991), which has been lovingly restored for its 25th anniversary. With the freedom to reflect their own lives, black women filmmakers pioneered their way to an extraordinary cinematic legacy.

If you have not watched a film solo then I suggest you treat yourself to a solo date, and this film festival will give you an opportunity to do so.  Alternatively choose a movie here and bring a good 'non-draining' friend who will help you maintain that good vibe and discussion after you have indulged in these thought-provoking films. 


2.  Somerset House Perfume - A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent 21 June - 17 Sept 2017

Multi-sensory exhibition featuring ten extraordinary perfumes and their pioneering creators, who have radically changed our perceptions of fragrance over the last 20 years.


3.The Old Hamman & Spa - North London

The Old Hammam & Spa offers a variety of packages and treatments to suit each individual's needs. Whether you are looking for a gift or simply indulging yourself,

Enjoy a Turkish treat North of the River at this traditional Hammam. This is a cost effective way of experiencing this authentic spa treatment without leaving the country.


4. Sensational Butterflies - Natural History Museum

"The exhibition includes a kaleidoscope of colourful species ethically sourced from Central and South America, Africa and Asia"

Follow the trail through a tropical habitat of flowers, vines and foliage. As butterflies fly overhead, you'll pass chomping caterpillars, glistening chrysalises and busy feeding stations.



My own Solstice workshop June 24th June - This month join us to meditate and paint at my studio here in London.  This workshop covers Womb wisdom and the purpose of goal setting. CLICK HERE for more.

Let me know if there are any other events or self-care activities you plan to do.

If you have an event you would like me to include for July's 5 of the best please let me know.



Balancing Chakra course - The story so far

It is now week 5 of our course Balancing Chakras using Art and Aromatherapy and every lesson has been powerful ranging from gentle cradling energy to pure feminine energy.

This course has been a very j powerful journey all I can do is watch in awe of the magick that surrounds me.  There has been miracles along the way and this does not happen to everybody.   The commitment undertaken by women has been met with rewards by the universe, for example; for one particpant has renewedher belief in life, another has a job offer that suits her business and

The artwork that the participants have created has been phenomenal this week we create our own Oracle / Affirmation cards. 

But don't take my word for it see the pictures below and join us in June when we run the new course.





November 2016 (reflection).

I want to be as transparent as I can be because I am an in a process of shedding the old and moving into the new.

I am a big advocate of goddess practices but for the last 6 months my life, my mind and my time have been dedicated to my creative practice and my energy has been redirected, surrendering to a higher power.  I have always felt that I had to fight to maintain my feminine energy in this world, but surrendering to the sacredness of stillness, containment and devotion through my art practice has helped me through a very difficult time.

As women, we have our own wild natures and challenges to deal with and we try to maintain balance in a world that asks us to be so many things, mostly to others, ignoring our own needs.  In this caretaker, rescuing place we cannot soften and become open so we must go through another internal or spiritual death to shed our skin (often through adversity or loss) before we can function from this surrendered place.

When we meet our Spiritual energy, we connect with Kundalini or Shakti energy, and processes and habits are called to heal which is the death-rebirth cycle as described by author Clarissa Pinkola Estés in her book 'Women Who Run With The Wolves

Relationship with myself

As I let go and dived into my art Imet the Masculine force of direction and the Feminine force of creativity. The work produced created a very Mythical body of work.

I felt the divine feminine of spirit that transcended gender, culture and sexuality.

In a strange way, I felt sexless.

I realised I did not need my Jade Egg Taoist practice of Ten years* to feel my essence, so I put it away I chose to feel the heartbeat of my own connection to myself without the egg.

Eventually and thankfully, I returned to the practice, but my main connection is now tapping into creative essence through Creativity and meditation which informs other aspects of my life.

My self-imposed descent into the world of creation and spirit helped me return to meet my practice with a different level of connection to myself. Ironically, despite the external challenges I am now facing, I am choosing to be more in the world, to embrace the everyday mundane world as both a woman and an artist.

If you are in the process of 'Hatching' and you need navigating back into the world, then contact me or leave a comment below to see how I help you.

Projections : The Tao of Relationships Part 1

Act 1: “Dear Adam
I am bitter, not better, because I tasted a dream deferred, a failed flawed human a soured fruit masquerading as a muse” Yours Lillith
— mjfontaine2017

When a woman stands in her femininity without the need to be a man or compete with men she can experience a backlash of the Patriarchal fear if her male partner does not know how to love a soft and feminine woman. A fear enhanced due to the changing role of women right now, women are so independent and capable that the traditional role of the passive woman is obsolete.  This isn't a good or bad thing but, this capability has left women overworked and unable to function and men not knowing how to be.

This isn't a good or bad thing but, this capability has left women overworked and unable to function and me not knowing how to be.  Our duties along with our gender roles are not so defined so all sorts of judgements and self-defenses happen between both parties, hell breaks loose thus you have four people in a relationship - two plus the projections. 

The projections only serve to be the guardians of the programmes and behaviours constructed within the family/caregiver situation.   Programmes are the light that shines on the part of the soul that needs work.  Without projections or programmes in a relationship we can never go through the next stage, whatever that may be, we need to love and be loved through our projections, and problems for they help shape us.

Eventually. though we need to take our projections back and heal them.

Moving forward.

Coming together with other women sharing in a non-judgemental space where we can be accountable, self- awareness and progressive in terms of love will help us as women find more fulfilling relationships.  True healing and changes of behaviour can only happen where there is unconditional positive regard, compassion, empathy and transparency.  Accountability circles that exhibit the above is a space and community for healing for awareness and not judgement.  Circles are not relationship substitutes but a place where we can do better and be better so we can bring our best self to our personal and intimate connections.

if you are in London and would like to join with other women to start the journey of healing you and your relationships then join our Monthly women's group

Please comment below or share this post with somebody you think may need this.




We are living in a world which supports stress, tension, racism, ageism and bigotry, and sometimes I just find it had to get my head around the way this society is run.  When it gets too much I find myself retreating to my creativity or my healing spiritual work to reconnect.

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