Defining your Soul Work

It is mind week on our #3030wellness programme  and during this time I experienced my own apathy, inertia, or stuckness. I realize that I was feeling ‘the void’ a term often used in relation to ‘the Writers/Creative’ block.
The void can represent the time Betwixt two different worlds; for example, change of vocation, circumstance or a set of behaviors (your thoughts create your reality right?). It is the place of uncertainty, the place of maybe, the place where we have to exercise trust and faith.

The void feels like a never ending sea of paralysis even despair, because it feels (to me) that the motor cannot start or get moving. So I waited for the right time I actually went with it as advised by my creative muse, I sat in the void (in fear, though) but I sat there until the time was right.
Then after a time of completing my own NLP exercise for behaviour change I came across an exercise by Steve Pavlina how-to-discover-your-life-purpose-in-about-20-minutes

Now my community (family, clients and students alike) knows that I am AWARE of my purpose; However, as of late, I have been questioning my current purpose in a big way because of the void and my osteopath’s recommending that something big is coming up after a tumultuous three years.  So after doing this exercise I realized that the main crux. and the joy of my work is bringing groups or people together, namely COMMUNITY which is my gift (for now anyway).

My desire to bring people together in groups, namely the young, the restless, the children, the adults etc, defines me as a CONNECTOR according to MALCOLM GLADWELL.  I connect people to their sexuality, creativity, juice, missing parts, inner child, vixen, inner guru etc. 

I have also identified that the medium I use in connecting people is irreverent because I have had many vocations and they all have been successful when I have been able to connect people I have an annual Winter Solstice gathering for my clients and there is so much happening, also the joy of the Moon circle and the 30/30 wellness program is the community. After my realization I have been exposed to a lot of community events that have reaffirmed my purpose and nourished my soul the aha moment has been priceless to me. I believe there is a time to really come out of the void and no matter how we push, it will not happen before the time is right.

When you give yourself time to reflect and regroup you will attract the correct experiences and opportunities to you. So I invite you to do this exercise for yourself and please let me know how you get on.


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