From the Heart -Time for some Yoga 4 of 4

I never forget that morning in Jamaica 2010 when I took this picture, it was 7.00am in the morning and the sun was shinning gloriously.

My energy was balanced and even though mentally I had some challenges my physical body was in peak condition which was due to a semi raw diet, sleep, less stress and my own person chef (well that came with its own challenges).

I still practice yoga and Chi Kung every day however this consists of  Sun Salutations and then onto my Plank and 30/30 wellness exercises

My body is going into rebellion asthe nights are getting longer (until 21st December 2014) .  Post retreat I have now decided to take you yoga in a class on Saturdays which is right on top of my local Farmers Market

I believe that with the increasing need to connect via Social Network I forgot the good old person to person interaction, and even though my moon circlesare a great way to connect with other women I need to really attend a Yoga centre to be assisted better as opposed to my home practice or via a class online.  Now is the time to be challenged and seen, to be exposed and pushed, to really sweat and see my insecurities by (comparingmyself to others) to praise myself when I master a posture.  I am calling myself to action so that I am able to take my practice to a new level even if I find it uncomfortable and vulnerable in the process.