Introduction to Womb Wisdom /Womb Healing

Introduction to Womb Wisdom /Womb Healing - January 24th 2015

Using the medium of Art journalling and meditation looking at our wombs and the roles they play in the part of manifesting and creativity.

We will look at techniques for healing and working with general problems women face such as Fibroids, and cysts, heavy menstruation.


Womb Wisdom: The function of the womb, The spiritual significance of the womb and its functions.  Dysfunctions of the wombs and how it impacts our relationships.  How to support womb healing : Healing Modalities such as essential oils, movement, massage, fasting, womb foods.    An introduction to the Yoni Eggs and their functions.

Womb Healing Practical:  Meditations, andCreative Art Womb Healing art piece using the Creative Healing process.

Food Provided but participants are encouraged to bring a dish to share.