Of Rites of Passage

Most of us are somewhat divorced or separate from our Indigenous practicesand there is a feeling ofdisplacement and aninability to navigate through life as an adult.

Therapy, Mindfulness or Religion are the tools some of use to reclaim or connect with the lost parts of ourselves.   However a few people still may wonder aimlessly through life trying to compensate for the huge emptiness that is experienced by living without understanding of self, without purpose,  without the awareness of how to self nurture.  Often times life is the mystery school and we go througha Rites of Passages by default,  unguided and without the necessary wisdomthat causesmore damage than good.

We need to know why Rites of Passageespecially for men is so important and without the romanticised notion that they were   spiritual and lovely.    Rites of Passages were potentially dangerous and in some cases fatal, so my wish is not forthe return of these practices ( or the old ways) but the understanding and awareness of why they were so important for the development of a young man or woman into their society (which is another issue).

There are only a few organisations here in England trying to assist young men and women through adulthood but for those who do not qualify because of age can start with this book, Of Water and Spirit by Malidome Some –  because for me it connected that dots and helped me to understand (or over stand) that we all must consciously go through or be aware of the purpose of aRites of Passages.

Thank you Jennifer Lewis for introducing this book to me.