On Love and Oneness – what we can learn from Maurice White

Maurice White the leader of Earth, Wind and Fire was an important part of my childhood.  

I imagine that Earth, Wind and Fire was also a key influence for many people around the world in the 1970’s and beyond.   His music conveyed on message Love, Happiness, Oneness and even Joy. Words such as Immense, Magical, Godlike and Genius are used to describe an incredible talent who created a body of work that is so vast and timeless it transcends generations from Family parties to Advertisements there is a memory connected to an Earth Wind and Fire song or production this is sovereign living.

Last month I wrote about the incredible sovereign being that was David Bowie and his contribution to the music industry and now I amwriting about one of the Ultimate Pioneers that dominated Soul music.   Our inheritance from our musical heroes are the music they left behind,  and now we have aworking blue print of excellence that we can draw upon to carve our own genius in the sand or on the hearts of others with our work regardless of the scale.