On Showing Up For Yourself

As I watch the News of David Bowie’s passing I am in awe of a man who lived his life as a total example of creativity an example of creative expression at its best, at its fullest, and operating in the dimension of a complete cycle.   He has always been instrumental to my life in terms of Art and Fashion like a silent influence that made me look at colour and form when I was designing clothes during my time as a fashion student back in the 80’s.  David Bowie demonstrated 'creativity without too much compromise' to the end.

The cycle or ‘Sovereign’ living has been denied too many who passed way before their time leaving a big gap in the hearts of those that loved or were inspired by them. 

There are less well known people who have followed a similar path but we just do not hear about them, and now we will find many creative souls of the past leaving a vessel that needs to be filled. We need pure uncompromising expression that is raw and authentic to replace our icons in a new way.  Now is tomorrow and we need to stop the ideology that we have to be rewarded with Millions for our craft we just need to balance our world with those that are living not just existing.  What legacy do you want to leave in this world and how can your craft be of use to your own life right now?

If you need finances, then find a full proof way to make money if that is priority and work on your craft alongside this. Show up for yourself with your unique talent(s) or gifts.

Steps to start the process of showing up for yourself;

List down 5 things that you are not doing for yourself; for example, are you Exercising, Meditating, writing your blog, Creating etc.

1        Accept and Acknowledge that you are not showing up for yourself and sharing your gifts, and that you are not where you need to be.

2        Commit to doing at least one item on your list right now (just do the one thing).

3        Pamper yourself for example book a massage, facial or get your hair done it is important to do something for yourself as much as you can afford.  A scented bath does not count it can be added but you have to pay for somebody to pamper you.  Treating yourself is a great way to inform the universe that you care for yourself.

4        Give – Giving to others at this time is also crucial because you will receive far more than you have. Do not give to receive just give because others need it.  (warning rescuers and over givers do not give without doing Step 4 otherwise this is sacrifice).

5        Use the Full and New Moon for activating your goal, the new Moon is for visioning and manifesting and the Full Moon is for letting go and checking in.  Our full moon monthly circle works with this very energy. You can do a vision board or wish list to help you with your goal.

The aim of change is not make you work harder but smarter (Discipline) will be needed to shift a pattern of a life time or years.  As I spoke in the Creative Healing Playbook everybody needs a team it is just identifying who can want can help us move towards our goal. 

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