Why you count ! Unveiling your muse.


Every so often I come across a women who used to turn heads, who had a bounce in her step, who lit up a room,  now she appears almost translucent and inconspicuous, she doesn't even notice herself when she passes a mirror,

One day this women begins to take up a practice, she starts to have her own rituals, she starts to do simple exercises she pushes through the challenges and finds herself again.   Only she is more powerful than before because through this transformation she is able to create with a fearlessness and authenticity.. She is reborn...she is...Freeda, she is Eartha .she is Frida Khalo, she is me.

Life and responsibility has taken a hold of many of us,  that we have forgotten ourselves, we    rescue others and abandon ourselves, burnout and tired we compensate for our loss by covering up and protecting ourselves with food, items etc.   We use the excuse that we are getting older and this is how it is but unfortunately our fire and inner rage becomes louder turning into depression,   We have to keep investing in ourselves until we leave this planet otherwise we will fade into the background.  

So now I am offering a bundle of resources that will help you find your own passionate, sexual, creative essence or your 'bounce' with my selfcare bundle packages.  Sign up before 6th June to get the early bird discounts.

These packages are for Therapists, healers, mums on the go, women who are going through the change, business owners, everybody who need to get their inner goddess out, so if you are interested !!!

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