Summer Solstice and Full Moon

 The Lovers by Mjfontaine purchase  here

The Lovers by Mjfontaine purchase here

On 20th June 2016is the Summer Solstice and a Full Moon.  This time is when the Moon goddess meets the Sun King. 

The Solstice will be one of the most auspicious times of the year because not only will the Moon and Sun be at a powerful place, but we also have had the passing of the Greatest Muhammed Ali and Master Prince, so the heavens will be chucking back that genius creative spirit into the ether.

So for this Full Moon I am offering a special Bundle package that consists of;

A Meditation, A Goal setting page and a Solstice Goddess reading.

Not to be missed, the Solstice will be a very special and powerful time for us to align our consciousness with our ordained gifts so it is not a time to waste .

If you have one or two then charge up your Yoni eggs, do a mini smoothie detox (check out our pinterest 30/30 board)  and plan your goals for the next six months till the Winter solstice.  For the moon circle/ 30/30 wellness members who completed the Winter Solstice meet up with me on December 21st it is time to review the goals that you set.

You will receive your bundle by Friday 17th June and access to our private learning portal where your video, mp3 and pdf will be uploaded.

You can download all materials and use them for the future.

This bundle is for both Women and Men.

Buy now and align yourself for the next six months or just listen to the meditation and chill.