We are living in a world which supports stress, tension, racism, ageism and bigotry, and sometimes I just find it had to get my head around the way this society is run.  When it gets too much I find myself retreating to my creativity or my healing spiritual work to reconnect.  We live in troubled times, and why bother you may ask ? Well as a once fertilized egg you beat the odds to get here,  so it is only fitting and just that the Creator blesses you with something unique to you. 

So you know that you are fed up or stuck but do you know what is your passion your gift to us here? how can you show the world your talents? If you are doing this already please comment below. 


Here Is an amazing and moving talk from DJ Jazzy Jeff who leads a retreat for experienced and aspiring musicians.  The world famous DJ created an album in 7 days (yes 7 days) more than a dozen well-known musical alchemists.  Jazzy Jeff talks about the need to get your creative work out into the world,  forget about the money(please read my post on the currency deception)    because you will be rewarded once your work is out there.

Please comment and share this post so we can start a quiet r-evolution.


Marilyn x