I was reading an old blog post on save been doing the Seven Keys to an Artful Life e-course with Bronwyn at the Artful life blog, along side my own 40 days of gratitude (since January 2011 where i write my gratitude list everyday more info to come).

Anyway Bronwyn asks us to explore our own experiences with Spirituality good or challenging.

also how we connect to the sacred and certain aspects all traditions share, such as pilgrimage…she gave us a list to ponder on or write about such as:

  • prayer
  • retreat
  • pilgrimage
  • celebration
  • ritual
  • community
  • sacrament

Creating my own prayer is important because growing up as a catholic we had to recite prayers that was full of guilt and condemnation. So I decided to create a chapter in my book on creating your own prayers.

Retreat for me retreat is creating a space in your home that you can access daily, or a place in nature.

Pilgrimage is interesting because I haven’t been on any pilgrimage again influenced by my mothers constant pilgrimage to Loudes, italy, I suppose i was kind of rebelling against religion.

But pilgrimage is any sacred place, I remember going to Stone Henge, Chalice well in Glastonbury and feeling the change in the space. I would also like to go to Egypt (Kemet) one day.

Another key word was sacrament and again I took my holy communion and confirmation and loved it .. but never married (yet ) to know about marriage vows.  I suppose my sacrament is my pledge to bring creativity and sacred goddess practice to my work … that really made me think about sacrament.

Community is also a big one for me as again so again my work is bringing people together.  I also am now falling in love with my living environment which feels like I have come back home.

I sit in gratitude…