The Parable of the creative


The parable of the creative

He created an amazing piece of art a new concept something the eye could not.comprehend but it stayed on his website....
Because his art was valuable ...and had to go to the highest bidder

It stayed buried

He stayed broke  spritually and financially
The product turned up in a leading singer's video

The question to we sell.out or do we just put it out.
..what is our value?

My take on this ...if it is new and different check in with your inner guidance ...if get the urge to put it out then do it .. die empty .....

Interlectual rights, value?

The currency deception prevents us from getting our product out . Prince only maintained control of his product after he was financially able so.

Can you imagine Mr Rogers Nelson at home with a back catalogue of music sitting around no so it is time to go out and do your work.

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