Creative Healing Facilitator review


Creative Healing Facilitators Certificate Level 1 weekend.

A brilliant Sunny weekend was had, during the Creative Healing Facilitators Certificate Level 1 .

Participants covered their own gifts and understanding of why they incarnated on this planet to run groups of people in a creative circle format.

It was a joyful weekend because I was able to review the principals and practices that underpin my work.

Areas we covered were:

  • Human design an introduction,

  • Group dynamics,

  • Instructive and Deductive learning,

  • The medicine wheel and Sacred space,

  • Participants even went home with their own Gem essence and a lot of reading work,

Here is a recap on the Weekend from participant Helen

β€œStill buzzing from completing Creative Healing Facilitators Course - Level 1, with@mjfontaineover the bank holiday weekend! πŸ“š
Yes! The alter in the garden was our classroom in the Sunday sunshine 🌻
While the content was very informative, mostly I loved growing in awareness of who I am and what my strengths (and challenges) are that will help me facilitate authentically, in the course 😊

To join the next Level 1 Creative Healing Facilitators course in July please go here