5 Tools that levelled up my business and increased my income in 2019

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After my last blog reviewing 2018 and increasing my income, rates and clients I was asked by many how I do it.  Let us go back to 2013/14 I was running several online programmes and working for an organisation, but I got burnt out because I was spending too much time spreading myself thinly.  Even though my 30/30 wellness programme and moon circles were running great but I was tired because I had to constantly check in. Sending and organising invoices were ok but it was done manually which took time, using a spreadsheet.

Anyway, for my various projects I was writing stuff down but again I could not get a filling system together so again I was doing my admin by piecemeal and I was becoming very anxious and agitated because I needed to be more professional.   Until I saw a video by Nesha Woolery called 5 Automated products, click here.  Now I was already using Acuity for my scheduling but it was very sporadic and I had flirted with Asana last year when I had an assistant, however, I deleted the information because I could not use it properly and I was too ‘busy’ to learn the programme.

Automating my invoices, accounts, clients and art projects has been a godsend, now I use Asana for all projects including my home improvements. Receiving money from suppliers has been flawless using the Wave accounting system.  

Acuity is just the bomb and my clients love it too.  I even schedule meetings via this programme and there is no back and forth between myself and the client.

Using these  3 automated tools have cut down my time by 40 per cent, which enables me to operate on a more professional level.  

The other tools I love in my business is Paypal I use the integration and report software to see my business stats and monitor my performance and so I can plan ahead for the next month.

Another good tool is listening to Podcasts, now I used to just listen to music or fun shows on Spotify however since reactivating my iTunes I tend to listen to business podcasts that give support and put me in the productive mode.

I hope that this information helps you so please let me know the tools you use.


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