Solar Return of the Muse

From the Wisdom Series

I am just coming out of writers block … even a creative block,  however writing and documenting is calling me back (amongst other things)

So now I return to writing this blog and other things, that will support my Art work and practice.
And now on my Solar ReturnI am reflecting on a very tumultuous, creative, and dynamic year.
I have learned I am more patient, more understanding and more diplomatic than I thought.

I have learned that even through the great and dynamic endingscoupled with smooth and surprising beginnings. I have received support from unexpected sources.

I have learned that Angels and Devils look alike but they walk among us all the time teaching us lessons.

I havelearned when we plan the Creator laughs

I havelearned that time is the greatest healer and also the one of the greatest teachers after LOVE.

I have learned that I didn’t know it all,  and I need to be in the present.

I have learned I needed to trustlife more.

I have learned that my relationship with the Creator needed an overhaul

I have learned that my cat was not trying to kill me.

I have learned that some people may not be happy for you when you’re are soaring as much as they are there when you are falling.

I have learned that bravery creates better situations and courage does not eliminate fear but makes the experiencing manageable.

I have learned that you will find kindness in unexpected places.

I have learned I did not die because I took the alternative path.

I have learned that I am not perfect, not the oracle, and that I can be an incredibly insecure and oversensitive, but that is a by-product of my creative makeup.

I have learned that I am an inspiration to myself

I have learned to embrace the part of me that is an introvert, but I need this to tap into the other worlds that give me inspiration.

I have learned that I am ready to be an adult (somewhat).

Muse (ic) to inspire check out Aja Monet’s brilliant Poetry What I ‘ve learnedhere

Catching up with Life and Summer Solstice


It has been a while and I keep wanting to write here back again, but I was called away doing several projects that called to my immediate attention (but back to that later)

However convenient Social media can be there is always a high risk of distraction, over stimulation and procrastination.

So I have have given myself a challenge.

From the 24th June until my birthday which is the 24th of JulyI will blog every week, (with a minimum once a week) to feed my writing muse.

Ok…..Deep breath.

So back to projects well there is Wombstories, 30/30 wellness, and our Monthly workshops
Please click the links, support, share and pass onto your network.

I hope you had a Happy Solstice!

Marilyn x

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