Summer Solstice

Solstice~.My personal experience
since working with the Winter and SummerSolstice 'energy' from 2007 (* see resource for podcast). I have seen a dynamic force within my own Goal setting process.
The Solstice period is from the 21st to the 23rd (this is a three-day portal) so during this time the use oftapping into your creativityto plan and find out what is really needed right now and what needs to be done to bring harmony into yourlife.
Pay attention to your dreams, and keep your body free from foods that are going to shut down your Intuition.  Use the energy of the number 3 to bring yourself into alignment with Spirit, and the energy of the number to build and give structure which is needed at this time.

Solstice exercises
Meditation solo or
Group Meditation ( if you are an empath or sensitive please ensure that you are fully groundedand protected during a group meditation,  empaths/or sensitive can pick up the intentions and wishes of others )* Goal setting/Planning



I drew a Tarot card for the Solstice Energy - The Fool which I see has a double meaning.

I interpreted this card to mean that 0is the symbol of ‘nothingness’ and denotes freedom from limitations in this material world. The 0 also represents Oneness the God head, the Supreme creator and the beginning and completion of a spiritual journey.
The fool is powerful and even though he is light he knows what time it is..or does he? This can also represent our world and local community's refusal to accept the deception and lies our governments are giving us.  We are coming together more and aligning with our spirit.
What will you be doing for the next three days?
Full post with references on my blog. Link in bio 🌞☉👆🕵#summersolstic.