Are you an Empath?
Are you becoming drained regularly?
Are you overwhelmed with the day to day grind?
Do you feel spiritually confused because you have conflicting beliefs about spirituality?
Would you like to know how to have a regular  spiritual practise?

Then join the spiritual mentoring group..


It is a group thing.
Based upon a demand
But you all don't want structure
You want to know why you feel like this?
You want to develop your spirituality.  All I can do is be that conduit for transformation
So I give you time,
I give you clairty
I give you unconditional positive regard to grow spiritually within a safe space.

Contact me so you can be part of this group starting in June.


The group will meet once a month in person and there will also be weekly online group calls.

There will be exercises and vidoes to support the mentoring.

The full.cost of the  three month mentoring will be £297 in Full or £99 a month.


You will also receive free access to my Aromatherapy  and Chakra online course worth £297

A 30%discount off my circle leader course.

For more information  contact me on 07956559894 or here